Education Cartoons

Education offers a lot of opportunities for cartoons.

First off there’s kids, and that’s a lot of material right there. Then you have your various levels (primary, secondary, college) and all of the various rites of passage that go along with each. Then you have your educators and their experiences with all of the above.

See what I mean? It’s a cartoon treasure trove!

So with a new school year just a few days away, here’s some education cartoons to get you in the mood. Enjoy:

I don’t know a lot about the world of the college professor, but I know the old axiom “publish or perish.” It doesn’t take long to take that to it’s logical conclusion as seen above.

So far in my kids’ school district we’ve had student led conferences where the child is in on the proceedings and, at least in my experience, sits uncomfortably while a bunch of adults talk about them. What I wouldn’t give for a good old-fashioned you-stay-home-with-grandma-so-we-can-talk-to-your-teacher conference like the above cartoon. Sans cheating of course.

I did this one when I still used MapQuest for all my mapping needs. I could update it with Google Maps or Google Earth, but I hate revisiting old cartoons.

Drawing cows sitting on couches discussing reports cards is way way too much fun. Just one of the perks of the job!

So there you go, a nice little sampling of education cartoons. To all the teachers and students out there, have a great year, and remember to keep your sense of humor!

Fantastic Four Vs. The Frightful Four Coloring Book – 1983

fantastic four coloring book cover

I love old coloring books, but I especially love old superhero coloring books. And the goofier they are the better!

Take this 1983 Fantastic Four vs. The Frightful Four for example:

fantastic four coloring book thing 2

You’ve got to love the Hulk magazine that The Thing is reading, but my favorite parts are the photos of Dr. Doom and The Mole Man (?) on the wall.

fantastic four coloring book hotrod 3

You’d think that a guy who can light himself on fire and fly would get enough thrills, but apparently he needs a fast car too. With flames on it no less! Hee-hee!

fantastic four coloring book breakfast 4

And what excitable boy doesn’t want to color breakfast!? WOO! Pancakes to power! Toast to speed!

Aren’t those fun!? Anyway, feel free to click here and download a PDF of the whole thing.