4 thoughts on “Twitter Cartoon”

  1. It's probably very funny. But I'm out of the loop with Twitter. I know I'm missing something in the cartoon that would be clear to a Twitter user.

  2. Maybe it would make more sense if what each hand was saying was actually limited to the characters on the keyboard. The left hand could only use the letters of qwertyasdfgzxcvb and the right hand could only use the letters of yuiophjklnm

    Wow. Will ya look at that?! The left hand is responsible for more letters than the right hand!

    But the right hand does the space bar. Oh wait. Does everyone use their right thumb for the space bar? Hmmm. I smell blog post.

  3. OK, just as long as somebody gets it. I don't think it's salable, but one of those I had to get outa my head. Thanks everyone!

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