SPX Minicomics Cover Design – Whatcha Think?

So I’ve been trying to come up with a cover design for my SPX minicomics.

I’d like to keep it simple, distinctive, and uniform, without being too comic booky.

I looked at my bookshelves and thought a hardcover sans jacket look might go well (you can click to enlarge it):

Cat Minicomic Cover

What I like too is that I could scan in other older hardcover textures, change a little text, and there you go.

Whatcha think? Clever? Trying to hard to be clever? Not nearly clever enough?

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Portrait of the Artist as a 37 Year Old Piano Recital Program

My mom’s a piano teacher.  And for years she’d put on a recital complete with snacks and handmade programs.

In 1982 she had a contest in which her students could draw pictures to appear on the cover.  The art teacher at the local high school served as judge.

Here’s the winner:


Here’s 3rd place:


And here’s second place, an 11-year old me:


Im pretty sure I should’ve won first place, but being the teacher’s kid and all…

It’s OK, I’m not bitter…  not bit *sob* ter…

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