Andertoons at SPX

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So SPX is all done. I sold a bunch of books, and had a GREAT time!

Img 8081

Here’s the Andertoons table. I later rearranged a few things, but

this’ll give you a good general idea.

Img 0460

The view from Andertoons central.

Img 8087

Comics connoisseurs shopping away!

Img 8092

Dinner with Mike Lynch, Brian Moore and Crispin.

Img 8095

John Martz and John Kovaleski.

Img 8096

A gentle hobo and Trade Loeffler.

Img 8098

Myself and Cul de Sac‘s Richard Thompson.

I got to talk to and meet so many folks! Everyone shown above, Raina, Mark, Anton, Kimberly, Jeff, Mark, Leslie, Casey, Meghan and, last but not least, (your name here if I’ve forgotten you)!

I think my favorite of exhibiting for me was getting to watch people read the cartoons and laugh. Even better is when they show it someone else and they laugh too. And best of all were the three or four little kids who stopped by, and then either ponied up their allowance, or begged for their parents to buy one of mine for them. How great is that?!

There’s tons more photos over at Flickr and Mike has a nice video posted over at his blog.

Will I be back next year? All signs point to yes!

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