4 thoughts on “SPX Flyers”

  1. That's nice that you put your samples right on the page. I work over at Tribune Media Services (where we syndicate a little over 20 comic strips) and we tended to make folders for our comic strips. The folder wouldn't contain any comic strip, because we wanted to be able to update the samples inside the folder.

    Here's a folder I did for Joe Martin's Cat with Hands, Mister Boffo, and Willie n Ethel: http://www.spudart.org/blogs/design_comments/1805_0_9_0_C/

    And a folder I did for the rebranding of Lola to be less old grandma, and more family-focused:

  2. Ya still got 2 months and you've got all this done? These are cool and my own criticism is that I think you are way too organized to be a cartoonist! Please start slacking. Thank you.

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