Mo’ Mo

Over the weekend I set up my old Mac to be the kids’ computer in the family room.

So far the boy LOVES the games at Between the Lions, and the games at Pigeon Presents, especially Elephant and Piggie’s Dance Game.

And what game is good without a cheat code?!

Here’s how to get Piggie to dance on Elephant’s head:

Choose Air Piggie and Elephant Slide to play together. See?


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2 thoughts on “Mo’ Mo”

  1. Oh great just great. So much for me drawing anything more today.

    Now I'm trying to get a piggy and an elephant to dance on each others' heads. The Internets is an accursed time wasting vortex.

    But such fun!

  2. Oh yes such fun! But the books are so cute. I think as a book seller they are particularly appealing because they are very aesthetically pleasing. The size is just right and the title is so well kerned. Gotta love you some piggy and elephant.

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