Fies 2.0

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Brian Fies’ Mom’s Cancer pretty much set the standard for me as graphic novels go.

I don’t read a lot of them, and having come into the genre with the bar set that high (only American Born Chinese and The New Frontier, and The Amulet have similarly satisfied), I’m really REALLY excited for his next effort.

Go check it out!

And Brian… Please hurry!!!

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Webcomic Fundraising

Cartoon200Just heard this on NPR:

Democratic strategists in Kansas told first-time political candidate Sean Tevis earlier this summer that he would need at least $26,000 to have a shot at beating a Republican incumbent. So Tevis pounded the pavement, but after two weeks of knocking on doors, he had collected only $25 — and two dog bites.

So he put his skill running corporate Web sites to work and posted online a stick-figure comic strip he drew that served as his fundraising appeal. The cartoon went live July 16, and in a week and a half, it paid off. Big time.

Go read/listen more! Hooray internet! Hooray cartoons!

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