Webcomic Fundraising

Cartoon200Just heard this on NPR:

Democratic strategists in Kansas told first-time political candidate Sean Tevis earlier this summer that he would need at least $26,000 to have a shot at beating a Republican incumbent. So Tevis pounded the pavement, but after two weeks of knocking on doors, he had collected only $25 — and two dog bites.

So he put his skill running corporate Web sites to work and posted online a stick-figure comic strip he drew that served as his fundraising appeal. The cartoon went live July 16, and in a week and a half, it paid off. Big time.

Go read/listen more! Hooray internet! Hooray cartoons!

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3 thoughts on “Webcomic Fundraising”

  1. Gee whiz, I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought it was well done. Good for you for linking to it and good for NPR for spotlighting it. I remember laughing out loud when Sean Tevis (in stick figure cartoon form) said "Frack!"

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