Portrait of the Artist as a 37 Year Old Piano Recital Program

My mom’s a piano teacher.  And for years she’d put on a recital complete with snacks and handmade programs.

In 1982 she had a contest in which her students could draw pictures to appear on the cover.  The art teacher at the local high school served as judge.

Here’s the winner:


Here’s 3rd place:


And here’s second place, an 11-year old me:


Im pretty sure I should’ve won first place, but being the teacher’s kid and all…

It’s OK, I’m not bitter…  not bit *sob* ter…

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2 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist as a 37 Year Old Piano Recital Program”

  1. Your is the best because your turned the player's head around to the audience. Smashing the keys so hard that the things fly off the piano is perhaps insulting to the recitalist, but it's a GREAT cartoon drawing. (Plus, you're the only one to even attempt to draw the hands.) And I'd give you special cartoon credit for the horrible teeth. Bad teeth = always funny!

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