Another Rub My Tummy Review (And Some Great Ideas For Using Cartoons!)

AndertoonstummyThere’s a really nice review of Rub My Tummy… over at Small Business Trends.

And not just a great review, but some really good ideas for using cartoons in your business:

* Business Cards: I’m going to buy some Andertoons to put on my business cards. I’m thinking that it’s a great way to get people to keep them and really get a feel for the experience I provide. In fact, I’m thinking of commissioning him to create some with fill-in-the-blank copy for people to interact with. You can get them in color or black and white!

* Presentations: Mark says that cartoons are excellent for presentations because they say so many things that we may not be able to say (translation: have the guts to say). Cartoons lend an element of emotion that really grabs the audience.

* T-Shirts: Yeah, I’m thinking about how much fun it would be to put some of the cartoons from my business cards on t-shirts and promotional items.

* Your Lobby: Good Housekeeping and The Conference Board have actually bought the original cartoons that Mark drew that mentioned their company names. You can do the same thing. How about having a “best customer moment” cartooned for your lobby? (See Good Housekeeping cartoon and The Conference Board cartoon.)

* Customer Gifts: Why would you send nuts or popcorn, when you can create some customized cartoons that feature your best customers — and your company name. This will be something that they will feature in their offices and be free advertising for you — can’t beat that!

Isn’t that great?!

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