SPX Minicomics Cover Design – Whatcha Think?

So I’ve been trying to come up with a cover design for my SPX minicomics.

I’d like to keep it simple, distinctive, and uniform, without being too comic booky.

I looked at my bookshelves and thought a hardcover sans jacket look might go well (you can click to enlarge it):

Cat Minicomic Cover

What I like too is that I could scan in other older hardcover textures, change a little text, and there you go.

Whatcha think? Clever? Trying to hard to be clever? Not nearly clever enough?

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4 thoughts on “SPX Minicomics Cover Design – Whatcha Think?”

  1. I like it a lot too! (and i'm a graphic designer). But wait. So is the cover on a soft-cover book? I'm assuming this is not a hard cover book, because you talk about scanning in textures.

  2. These will be little 24 page minicomics. Probably 5" x 5". You know, like little comic books.

    I'm going to do Cats, Dog, Tech, and probably Christmas since SPX is in October.

    I'm so relieved everyone has been liking these! I never know what to do for stuff like this, and this just seemed like a simple quick way to get it done and be a little different.

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