Preschool Debriefing

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to draw some cartoons for my son’s preschool class. Well, I did it, and it went even better than I’d hoped.

I started by saying “you know how Mom or Dad go to work every day? They might go to an office, or a factory, or wherever… Well, you know what my job is? I stay home all day and draw funny pictures. I have the best job in the whole wide world.”

Then I asked them if they wanted me to draw a dog or a cat. “DOG!” they all yelled.

DoggieI drew two little dots to start the eyes and then an idea hit me…

“Is it a dog yet?” I asked. “NO!” they yelled.

Then the larger circle for the nose. “How about now? Is that a dog now?”

Again a raucous “NO!” Someone called out “That’s a nose!”

It went on like this for a good while until the dog was all done.

Then we did a cat, the Easter bunny, a fish and a shark.

With the shark I kept erasing parts of his face to make him do different things: look scary, smile, eat fish food, and go to sleep after his big meal. (A nearby turtle looked understandably relieved.)

The thing that honestly really surprised me was that I hadn’t really planned anything. I was told it’d be five minutes at the most, and twenty minutes of weirdly spontaneous inspiration later (teacher approved, I might add), I finally wrapped it up to a unison “thank you, Mr. Anderson!”

Henry just beamed the entire time.

At one point he was so excited he stood up in the middle of his indian-seat-styled classmates and started to take a step toward me, realized it, and then sat down again.

I tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than living up to your children’s expectations.

(BTW, click the dog graphic and you can grab a copy of the coloring page I handed out. If anyone wants to color it and send it back I’ll post them all later.)

6 thoughts on “Preschool Debriefing”

  1. Here's what my son (just turned 7) did:

    According to him, the "Hello Doggie" greeting is coming from God–who is also apparently about to send a terrible storm. Note the dark, ominous rainclouds gathering over the unsuspecting doggie.

    Not sure what that says about my son's personality, but he did enjoy coloring the picture. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Wow–I'd not heard about the Goldman thing. Maybe I should hurry and make t-shirts out of my son's picture before Goldman gets wind of it.

    Of course, then I'd be stealing from Andertoons. So never mind.

  3. My cartoon FRANK LLOYD WRONG is selling in art galleries for $3K, $4K, and $600 with the name TODD on it, for Todd Goldman. I am seeking an intellectual property attorney soon.
    If you want to see my original cartoon from the early 1990s visit my Web site. It is cartoon #7. Note: I gave Todd permission to use my cartoons provided I received royalties, but all my royalties were stopped when I quit working for David and Goliath, but apparently my work is still allowed to be used without me getting any royalties? I'm not a happy camper!

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