Look Who’s Talking

I like to track Andertoons on Technorati to see who’s talking about me. Some recent finds:

Confident Writing – A writing coach blogs about adding my widget. I like this idea for writers:

If you had to boil your writing down to the length of a cartoon caption – what would you still want to say?

I can’t help but think of big important books boiled down to a funny caption. Anyone want to start?

Bibsonomy bookmark by avivamagnolia – Far as I can tell a sort of del.icio.us type of social bookmarking thing. Anyway, the blurb about my blog is funny:

Odd little blog; noodlish, pasty man of the office plays a starring roll. Yes, he’s bald. With a combover. And no, he doesn’t have a lot of melanin. His shirts are white. His ties are thin and dark. He’s perpetually puzzled, in a pale sort of way.

Um… OK.

The Cartoon Blog – Dave Walker’s great blog links to my gag writing post:

People always ask ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ Cartoonist Mark Anderson guides us through his thought processes.

When I wrote that blog I had no idea it would be so well received.

BTW, speaking of, well, speaking, I’ve recently purchased a camera mount to clamp onto my drawing table. Stay tuned for more voiced-over video of me sketching, inking, etc…

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  1. I'll get right on the literary- classics-in-one-sentence as soon as I finish finals. English majors love that stuff.

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