SwtJust lately I finished up Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and picked up Lego Star Wars II. Despite the fact that my 7-year old nephew is playing the same game, I gotta tell you it’s a hoot and a half.

So I was mildly interested when I saw that a Lego Batman title is in the works, but at the same time, I’m disturbed by all this cross-branding as of late. (Star Wars Transformers?! Yeesh!)

Taking the associated brands into a video game seems barely acceptable, but you just know that Lego Batman Tansformers are around the bend. Or Teenage Mutant Ninja GI Spider-Joes. How about Simpsons Lincoln Log Monopoly?

The whole trend just screams “hey America, we’re all out of ideas! But we’d love it if you kept buying our crap!”

I say once we hit “three, three, three brands in one!,” it’s officially time to move to Sweden.

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2 thoughts on “Cross-Stressing”

  1. (1) Take all of the toy companies and merge them into one (Hasbro, Kenner, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, etc.)

    (2) Gather all of the brands that those toy companies control.

    (3) Add management unwilling to try anything new.

    The result is Star Wars Transformers! Bleah!

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