The Addams Family (Click Click)

Tish-1 I’m watching the first season of The Addams Family right now from Netflix. and a few things have already struck me:

The amazing casting – Jackie Coogan’s Fester, Carolyn Jones’ still oddly sexually fascinating Morticia, and John Astin’s perfect, and I mean perfect Gomez.

Vic Mizzy’s theme is iconic of course, but the background music for the show itself… I’m gonna be humming those themes all weekend.

The set decoration – how much fun must that have been?!

Man, I’m gonna enjoy this even more than I thought.

(BTW, click on the thumbnail for a nice musical moment.)

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Jay Kennedy Remembered

Received this email via the NCS this morning:

King Features has the sad duty to announce that Editor in Chief Jay Kennedy died yesterday in a drowning accident while on vacation in Costa Rica.

We do not have the full details yet, but wanted to be in immediate communication with the cartooning community. We will notify you when funeral arrangements have been completed.

Claudia Smith

Director of Advertising & Public Relations

King Features Syndicate

You’re gonna read a lot over the next few days about how Jay took the time to hand write a note on a standard rejection form letter. Or how he helped a cartoonist starting out with a New Breed buy. Or how he took the time to say hello and talk at an event, no matter who you were.

The best part is its all true.

Listen, I didn’t know Jay well; we were barely acquaintances. But the few times I bumped into him, he knew who I was, gave me a moment, and left me with a kind word.

He was a really nice guy who did a hell of a lot for a lot of cartoonists. A better legacy I can’t imagine.

My sympathies to his family, friends, and co-workers.

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Andertoons 2.0 – Popular Cartoons Like This

This is a feature that I actually had running for a bit on the older Andertoons, but had to lose it due to space restraints.

With the new design and layouts, however, the “cartoons like this” feature is back baby!

It’s underneath the cartoon info (caption, tags, etc…):


It also improves upon the previous design by showing toons guaged to be popular by the site’s ratings system.

Here’s a closer look:


Nice huh? Don’t say I never gave you anything…

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