Jay Kennedy Remembered

Received this email via the NCS this morning:

King Features has the sad duty to announce that Editor in Chief Jay Kennedy died yesterday in a drowning accident while on vacation in Costa Rica.

We do not have the full details yet, but wanted to be in immediate communication with the cartooning community. We will notify you when funeral arrangements have been completed.

Claudia Smith

Director of Advertising & Public Relations

King Features Syndicate

You’re gonna read a lot over the next few days about how Jay took the time to hand write a note on a standard rejection form letter. Or how he helped a cartoonist starting out with a New Breed buy. Or how he took the time to say hello and talk at an event, no matter who you were.

The best part is its all true.

Listen, I didn’t know Jay well; we were barely acquaintances. But the few times I bumped into him, he knew who I was, gave me a moment, and left me with a kind word.

He was a really nice guy who did a hell of a lot for a lot of cartoonists. A better legacy I can’t imagine.

My sympathies to his family, friends, and co-workers.

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4 thoughts on “Jay Kennedy Remembered”

  1. My condolences to Jay Kennedy's family. I remember sending in some samples many years back to Kings Features – and getting a standard rejection letter from Jay. I should dig that one up and frame it for posterity.

  2. I got to meet Jay a few times and he was always kind and gracious. He showed a lot of confidence in me and my work, which I've never forgotten, wooing me to work on various projects. I always felt that I had a friend in Jay Kennedy. I'm deeply saddened by his passing.

  3. Just found out this morning – I grew up with Jay in Ridgewood. Will always regret not staying in touch –

    Rick McDaniel

  4. Jay was a great guy. Met him in Denver a couple years back. Patient, authoritative, friendly as can be. One of those quiet, soft spoken guys who held a lot of wisdom. It's so sad that he died in this tragic and untimely way. I'll miss the guy though I only knew him briefly. He just had such a positive effect on people.

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