4 thoughts on “Venom (At Last!)”

  1. Venom is one spidey villain that ive been hopin would be in a spidey movie.
    I saw the newest international trailer for the 3rd movie, and for a few seconds you get to see spidey fight him, even though it looked like venom was just messin with him, playin hide and seek because he doesnt set off his spidersense, and takin pleasure in makin spideys life a livin hell, party because he knows who he is and hates him.
    Peter fights venom in a wrecked spidey suit (his mask is torn anyway), so im guessin venom puts up a big fight, but he is definitly one of the deadliest bad guys spidey has ever had to fight, and sometimes bein lucky to come away from the fight alive, oh and the part where the symbiote falls onto and then bonds with eddie brock in the new trailer…nice

  2. I saw some grabs from the trailer showing ol' Venom, and wow! Cool to see him in motion, but the stills are almost better!

    I can't wait!

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