Invoice “Re-consideration” Request

Andertoonsmailbox-1-1Got this a while back from a largish textbook client, and thought it’d be interesting to post:

Dear Mark,

Invoice # REMOVED for permission to use REMOVED and REMOVED

We have received from REMOVED the invoice for your kind permission to use two of your cartoons in REMOVED

Many thanks for this, but before I pass it for payment, I just wanted to check the invoice total of REMOVED – I realise this is for two cartoons, but it is the highest charge for any cartoon being used in this book. As REMOVED is a not-for-profit organisation, I would appreciate any re-consideration of this sum that you can give at this time.

As soon as I hear back from you I will pass the invoice for payment.

With all good wishes


So here’s the gist:

  1. We wanted the cartoons
  2. We agreed to the price
  3. We’re printing the book with your cartoons
  4. But now we want to pay you less

Ummmm…. No.

Nice try. Someone there has some chutzpah, but no.

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3 thoughts on “Invoice “Re-consideration” Request”

  1. I totally concur. It reminds of the time the Philadelphia Inquirer tried to go to the comic strip syndicates and ask to publish the comics for free. Yeah, didn't work.

    And another point, they try to point out that these cartoons are the most expensive in the book. Well, logically, SOMEONE is going to be the highest, aren't they? Sheesh.

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