Chocolate Cartoon – Part 3

On advice from a few readers, and my wife, I’m trying a slight change in the cartoon:


I took the face off the bar and just have text there now. I think it’s an improvement.

But now that I look at it, it looks like it says “HERS” like one of those His/Hers towel sets you see on the old cartoons.

Maybe tighten the text to see more of the second “H”?

I dunno… Any thoughts? I think I’m thinking too much about this…

(BTW, here’s Chocolate Cartoon Part 1 & Part 2)

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No Wonder Ken Digs Her

Bild-LilliThis from Australia’s Herald Sun:

A 1959 Barbie doll dressed in a zebra-print swimming costume and sunglasses sold for nearly £3000 ($7585) today at a British auction of about 4000 of the toys.

What does this have to with cartoons, you ask?

Barbie’s looks were inspired by Bild Lilli, a 1950s comic strip prostitute created for German newspaper Bild.

Oh my…

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