New York – Day One

1:15 – This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and really take a minute to relax.

The limo ride over was nice, if a little talkative. My chauffeur was 80, he said, and pretty much told me jokes for the half hour ride. Nice guy, but after about five minutes I found myself faking laughs and looking at my watch.

Got to the airport and got pulled out for the full security screening. The wand, the frisk… My PowerBook was apparently testing positive for explosives, and that was pretty interesting. I was doubly nervous about any sort of security entanglements, as was as the yokel talking demonstratively with his hand, which held my laptop.

Anyway, after that things got better fast. I had a nice sandwich, sweet talked the airline folks into a little more legroom, and found a place to plug in my laptop and blog.


I’m assuming I’ll do some more on the plane, but I might just put on the ol’ iPod and chill out to a movie or some tunes. We’ll have to see…

Anyway, more later…

2:51 – Arrrgggghhhh… We had to deplane almost immediately due to some delays at JFK. And while my seat is in the bulkhead row, I’m on the side that’s sans bulkhead. Double arrrgggghhhhh…

Anyway, I’ve got my laptop, my video iPod, a few books and a nice blackberry smoothie. It’s a drag inconveniencing Mike, but there’s not much I can do.

8:40 – AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I’m about halfway to New York now, after TWO cancelled flights and the agony of waiting through standby.

“Wang party of four – please board now or you risk losing your seats. Wang party of four – please board now or you risk losing your seats. Wang party of four – please board now or you risk losing your seats…”

I came to hate the Wangs.

I was able to grab a sandwich across the way at Starbucks and cram it into the side pocket of my laptop case. Honestly, it was pretty good, and I even remembered to take my medicine.

The “earplane” plugs seemed to work well too for the ascent, although for about 10 minutes after taking them out my ears kinda bubbled. Nothing cam out, so I ‘m OK with that.

My iPod crapped out after about and hour and a half, but I did get in an episode of Scrubs, some Futurama and an MST3k short, so I can’t complain.

I’m so cramped in my seat it’s not even funny. My elbows are crammed into my stomach so I can type.

The pilot is yapping now – he sounds about nineteen.

OK, time to go now and put my earplugs in again. We should land in about a half hour.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with Mikey and meeting his lovely Mrs., so this’ll be it for today,

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