Yes. In Fact, I Would Like a Hawaiian Punch.

Read about the passing of Jan Svochak over at Cartoon Brew, and I immediately thought about this game my neighbors across the street had when I was a kid:

Pic37646 Sized

Pic38332 Sized

What you’d do is make a little pineapple out of Play-Doh and move it around the board. I don’t remember the rules, but I do remember that transcendant moment when you could take your big plastic guy and say “How’d you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?!” and smash their pineapple!


God, how I coveted that game.

I’m sure parents came to loathe Punchie, but those commercials and that stupid game brought me a not insignificant amount of joy when I was a kid. Thanks Mr. Svochak.

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