Wizard World Chicago 2006

Well, I did it. I went to my first comics convention.

It was fun, but I’m not a big comics fanboy, so it wasn’t such a big deal. To be honest, I didn’t really know one artist from another, and I didn’t stand in any lines to get any autographs or anything.

Basically I walked around, soaked in the pale, heavy, nearsighted atmosphere and took some goofy pictures. Enjoy!

Img 1454

Here we go…

Img 1456

Marvel was right at the entrance

Img 1460

What are these HeroClix figures so excited about?

Img 1459

The invasion of the giant water bottles!

Img 1461

Honestly, this looks less like an Iron Man costume and more like my 3-year old’s pajamas.

Img 1468

I don’t know who this was, but she seemed to just be an attendee. A very popular attendee.

Img 1470

That’s a lot of comics!

Img 1471

You remember him as Jaws, but I love him best as Eegah!

Img 1473

Some wrestlers looking for a fight.

Img 1478

Whew! Close one! (One nearby nerd actually said “Dude, that would be totally one-sided. I mean the storm-troopers would just like blow them away man!”)

Img 1481

Every time I walked past this guy he was all over me. Yeesh!

Img 1491-1

Isn’t it past your bed time? Oh wait… Sorry…

Img 1483

The DC booth.

Img 1484

A banner at the DC booth. Like most guys my age, I used to love Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman. (OK I kinda still do.)

Img 1488

Throwing t-shirts.

Img 1490

Joyce DeWitt?! What the hell?!

Img 1492

He’s either shopping for a new helmet, or he just made a boom boom in his pants.

Img 1494

I dunno who this was either, but she seemed to like taking photos with folks. Who am I to argue?

Img 1495

The Dark Horse booth.

Img 1496

Captain Balloon-ica!

Img 1498

I didn’t want a picture with this guy, but this sign is too funny!

Img 1500

I almost bought this. My wife is happy I didn’t.

Img 1501

Oh my! (There was a lot of this kind of stuff.)

Img 1503-1

Ran into these guys on the way out. I’m not gonna call them.

Img 1506

And I ran into this person by the elevator to the parking garage. She was applying blue makeup to her armpits.

But, the absolute BEST photo is the one I paid $20 for a crappy Polaroid of…


…that’s right. Me and Lou Ferrigno. Here’s a closeup:


All in all, a fun day, but not a lot there for your friendly neighborhood gag cartoonist. I’ll post pics of my purchases and freebies soon…

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12 thoughts on “Wizard World Chicago 2006”

  1. I was laughing out loud at the invasion of the giant water bottles!

    Agreed: Heroclix is mystifying. It's like the comics version of Lladro or Hummel to me.

    Love the balloon Captain America. And thanks for the photo of the blue girl. And the blonde, and Batgirl. Is it me, or is there more sex at these conventions than ever?

    I remember the soft bendy Spock back in 1979. Whatta lame toy.

    And Joyce DeWitt?? Yeah! What's that about? She has nothing to do with comics. Maybe sci fi? I mean, she WAS on that 1979 NBC "Supertrain" TV show and that was kinda science fictiony — maybe, kinda — if you think a fast train is science fiction — and she was in "Airplane II" with Shatner. Well, it's a stretch, but I guess she's got a little toe in the sci-fi world.

    Looks like a fun convention, and, I'll admit, if there was some leafy, freckled redhead around, I'd pose with her too!

  2. Re: Photo of Mark & Lou Ferrigno —

    Stacy hasn't met you yet (and she hasn't met Lou Ferrigno either), and so asks, "Which one is Mark?"

    I will refer the matter to you ….

  3. Nice report. I've been going to this show annually for many years now, and I still consider myself an outsider – as far as comics is concerned. But I love pop culture as a whole, and this is the best we Chicagoans get. It may not always be great, mind you, but it's fun nonetheless.

    The blonde in the Emma Frost cosplay was actually one of the exhibitors responsible for the Video Games Live concert that performed Saturday night in Rosemont. She works as the Marketing Coordinator for that show. Her name's Becky, but she's better known in the video gaming community as Aktrez. All in all, a supremely cool chick… and freakin' hot, to boot.

    Personally, I love seeing the 80's TV/movie stars at this con. Past favorites include Marc Singer, Erin Gray, and a number of others.

  4. Yes, Ms. Frost is certainly not unattractive. 🙂

    I tell ya, if Erin Gray shows up in the future, I'm there again. I had the HUGEST thing for her growing up.

    I think Gray and V's Jane Badler were my first loves.

    Ahhh… Memories…

  5. Wow, Buck Rogers and V. I like your tastes, bud! Yep, I forgot just how much I crushed on Erin Gray while watching Silver Spoons. Seeing her at the con a couple years ago brought it all back. She's aged quite nicely.

    As for Aktrez's cosplay of Emma Frost, you can find some great glam shots from San Diego Comic Con 2006 on her IGN blog, located at:


  6. Well hello there,

    I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for the wonderful compliments. I came across this site while googling "Aktrez". Yeah, I know.. kinda strange but you'd be shocked at what comes up when you google your name! Anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed Wizard World. We had a GREAT time as well. 🙂

    See you next year!


  7. the girl in the leaves was dressed as Poison Ivy..I dont know her name but that is who she was portraying

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