Mucho Mailbox!

AndertoonsmailboxYes, it’s mailbox time again! Let’s see what people are emailing me lately…

I enjoy cartoons. Be anything!

Good for you. You too!

hey do you have any colored cartoons i am tired of black and white holla.

I’m not up on slang (although I recently did a cartoon involving some bling), so I actually Googled “holla” and got this from


1. A way for a brotha to say he wants to get in your pants

2. A pimp ass way of saying ‘what up’

3. May be used to end a conversation

So I can sleep at night, I’ll assume this person intended definition number three. (And yes, I do work in color.)

Talk Talk Please !! I made up a cartoon and named it Sammy Kazam!

Sir, please step away from the keyboard. Nice and easy, that’s it. Come on now, I know you don’t want to send that email…

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