My 500th Blog!!! (Well, kinda…)

I’ve been watching my number of entries as of late, knowing that I was getting close to penning my 500th blog (can you believe it?!) and had planned for it to be a true blogstravaganza!

And then this morning I realized I’d already written it. (see Picasso’s Quixotic Comics)

Well, damn.

I even looked on the Wayback Machine to see if I could find my original Blogger stuff, but alas it hadn’t grabbed anything before I dumped it all over to my various MT incarnations. (Although, if you’d like to see the very first Andertoons site…)

Anyway, you gotta admit, 500 entries is pretty good, even if the 500th entry (and 501st) is simply average.

I promise my 1000th entry will really be something, though! Dancing bears, strippers, the whole shebang!

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