LEGO Valentine Spaceship

For me there’s nothing more fun to build in LEGO than a spaceship. I love the engines, the cockpit, the space minifigs, and that swooshing sound I can’t help making as I fly it around the house. I love LEGO spaceships!

So, since Valentine’s day is fast approaching I thought I’d channel some of that love into this all-red heart-shaped fighter:

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Top

The dual engines swivel independently for maneuverability and easy landing, it’s armed to the teeth with four underside cannons, and its small size and stealth geometry keeps it off enemy radars until it’s too late.

But a recent skirmish has left our intrepid and beautiful pilot, Capt. Val N. Tine, with an enemy rocket lodged in the fuselage! Can she make it back to base? Why didn’t the rocket explode? And will she discover her enemy attacker was actually her secret admirer, Q-Pid?

Enjoy some more pics:

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Rear

LEGO Valentine Spaceship Q. Pid
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Front
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Side
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Front
LEGO Valentine Spaceship Bottom

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Marvel Superhero Valentines (1979 Hallmark)

From 1979 Hallmark and Marvel come these super awesome superhero valentines!

You’ve got Captain America, Ms. Marvel, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and, my personal favorite, The Thing!

(And be sure to check out these 1966 Batman valentines and the SuperFriends Action Valentine Playbook as well as my valentine cartoons.)


Captain America Valentine
Captain America Valentine Back
Ms. Marvel Valentine
Iron Man Valentine Back
Hulk Valentine
Hulk Valentine Back
Spider-man Valentine
Spider-man Valentine Back
Iron Man Valentine
Iron Man Valentine Back
Thing Valentine
Thing Valentine Back

Valentines Day Cartoons – 2013 Collection

Valentines Day cartoons are some of my favorite holiday cartoons to draw. You get to talk about love, candy, hearts, and a flying mostly naked baby with a bow and arrow. The cartoon possibilities are almost endless!

So, since Valentine’s day is just about here, here are some new cartoons I hope you’ll love:

Valentine's Day Cartoons 1

Valentine’s Day is all about telling that special someone how you feel, even if that someone is another company. You know though, if corporations really are people, there’s a vastly underserved market here! (Note to self – Valentines for corporations.)

Valentine's Day Cartoons 2

Whenever I can get a caption down to one word I do a happy little dance. It’s a shame you can’t see it, it’s quite something. I really get into it.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 3

I thought this might be too geeky for general consumption, but when you consider The Avengers is one of the highest earning movies ever made, I think I’m OK here. Also, I dare you to fine another Valentine’s Day cartoon with the Hulk in it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 4

Cupid is certainly a staple of Valentine cartoons, but I gotta tell ya, drawing the little guy is a pain. Wings, arrows, quiver, bow, sash, and all on a baby to boot! Yeesh!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 5

You know for a cartoon that’s about how a non-scripty font is bad for greeting cards, I sure chose an odd font to represent the greeting card company’s name on the wall. Just sayin’.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 6

It’s not weird enough that a flying infant shoots you with love arrows, but then he’s also got arrows that are intentionally romantically disappointing? Not cool, man.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 7

You know I was sure someone had done this, but I looked and looked and looked everywhere I could think to look online and could not find a Facebook like candy box instead of a Valentine heart candy box cartoon anywhere. Now, of course, having said that, 14 people will email some to me. But I swear I looked!

Valentine's Day Cartoons 8

I bet that hurts.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 9

I like cartoons that suggest a more involved back story, and you just know the back story in this Valentine’s Day cartoon is really something.

Valentine's Day Cartoons 10

The only thing worse than drawing a cupid, is drawing two of them right next to each other.

Well, that does it for 2013, but you can see all of my Valentines Day cartoons here. I know you’ll love them!

Cupid Cartoons For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s love’s big day, so to celebrate I thought I’d share some of my favorite cupid cartoons!

cupid cartoon 6078

I don’t exactly remember how this cartoon came about, but it’s fun to think of another cupid-ish being that flies around shooting more or less a strong like at you.

So instead of falling deeply in love, you maybe think “hey, that Stacy is a genuinely nice person.” Or perhaps “boy, that Frank is just fine as far as I’m concerned.”

OK, it’s not real exciting, but it can’t be all love all the time either. And the little glasses make me laugh.

cupid cartoon 1906

This is another take on the alternative cherub. but this time it’s definitely not platonic.

As you can probably tell by the art, this is a cartoon from quite early on in my career. I’m fairly sure it’s never been published, and for the most part it lives quietly in my inventory, but I did get an uppercase filled email from a woman about this cartoon years ago.

She was very offended by the idea that this seemingly nice woman was going to have a one night stand and told me in angry paragraph after angry paragraph what a terrible person I was for suggesting it.

It’s a good thing she never saw this one.

cupid cartoon 4610

You just know that flying around shooting arrows into peoples’ hearts gets boring after the first hour or two. Some friendly wagering seem inevitable.

cupid cartoon 5843

This is a twofer. It’s a Christmas cartoon and a Valentine’s Day cartoon. (And kind of a legal cartoon to boot.)

I imagine it would be hard to prove who starting using “Cupid” first, but I’m betting on the flying babies.

cupid cartoon 6082

OK, so hearts floating around a person would of course signify love, but what about clubs? And why would they have club arrows? Do they have diamonds and spades too, or just clubs? Should a club arrow be shot into another body part instead?

These are just some of the questions raised by looking at cartoons for far too long.

cupid cartoon 4612

Why would a dating service write “Dating Service” on the front of the desk?! Dang! I’m doing it again!

cupid cartoon 4545

OK, this one is a but subtle, and it took a good while to get the angle just right. In case you can’t tell that’s a heart on the far right. Apparently our little love angel is getting some target practice.

cupid cartoon 6343

This is my most recent addition which was inspired by that whole iBooks Author EULA misunderstanding. The biggest challenge here was getting the tablet to read quickly as a tablet and not just a pad of paper or a notebook or something. I hope the techie nature of the caption helps that, but you never know. In any case, this is a serious nerdy valentine.

Well that’s it for my little collection of cupid themed cartoons. Now get out there and get down to some romancing! (And throw in a little amour while you’re at it.)

And to my loyal readers…. XOXOXOXO!

Valentines Day Cartoons

Only 2 weeks now until Cupid’s big day! So, to get you in the mood, I thought I’d share some recent Valentine’s Day cartoons!


I thought of this cartoon early one morning and had to keep repeating it to myself under my breath to remember it.

This is actually pretty much how I, and I suspect most men, shop for cards. Not being comfortable with the flowery romantic stuff, we tend toward ones including the words hubby with cartoon bears that fold out like an accordion.

I’m betting the Mrs. would prefer something mushier, but, especially when you marry a cartoonist, goofy usually wins out.

(BTW, you can watch a video of me sketching this cartoon here.)


I thought of this because it’s impossible to think “box of chocolates” without thinking “life is like a.”

It’s annoying and irritating, sure, but instead of pushing past it, I decided to embrace it and finally define exactly what you’re going to get.

You’ve got your basic chocolate, your thin disappointment, your renamed knockoff (I’m looking at you, “tortoise” candies), and, my personal favorite, white.

Now you know.


This Valentine’s Day cartoon was a bit of a trick. Te idea is that more than one arrow makes the person a stalker instead of just in love. So, you have to make the guy look like something is wrong with him, but not so disturbing that the cartoon goes from funny to creepy.

After scanning in the original sketch, I spent a good amount of time in Photoshop tweaking things to get what I hope is juuuust the right expression. I hope I got it, I think I did.

Also the Cupid’s name changed a few different times. He was Larry (too funny name-ish), Lloyd (too Gary Larson-ish), Bill (not funny enough) and Phil (used too often in other cartoons). But for some reason when I was typing in the caption, Stan just worked.


This is another take on getting away from Cupid. I’ve done some more standard heart themed cartoons before (heart as organ, heart as playing card suit), but this is a decidedly different tack, heart as flowchart shape!

I actually had to look up some flowcharts to see how they looked and worked (it’s been a while), and I think this one looks complicated enough to make sense for the gag, but not so complicated that it doesn’t read quickly.

One thing I noticed almost too late was that the name I’d used in the caption started with a different letter than either of the first name initials in the heart, so I had to make a last minute change to “Debbie.”


Recently I’ve been playing with the new iBooks Author, and there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle over Apple’s EULA. Some people assume Apple is trying to make some sort of giant content grab, others assume it’s less onerous. Either way, it got me thinking about EULAs in general, and this cartoon popped out.

I think it totally makes sense that before someone shoots you in the heart with an arrow that there would be some sort of legal paperwork, and kudos to Cupid for using an iPad!

Well, I hope these get you in the mood for the big day! Feel free to check out all of my Valentine cartoons, and don’t forget to use the decoder!