Cartoons About Computers

There’s just something about computers that make me laugh. There’s a lot of great material, crazy new jargon almost daily, and, when things don’t work as we’d like, I think we can all sympathize with wanting to throw the darned things out the window.

Here’s a few computer cartoons that I like that I thought I’d share:

Honestly I think I understand about 0.2% of what what Excel can do. Occasionally I’ll have to dig into functions beyond the norm, but it’s always with a fair amount of trepidation. Also, I always end up triple checking the results with a calculator, so I don’t know why I bother.

It seems like everywhere I look anymore almost everyone has free Wi-Fi. Sure, the coffee shop is to be expected, but my grocery store? The dry cleaners? My barber has it now, but I just don’t see myself typing away on my computer while getting my hair cut. When pretty much everybody has it, it’s no longer a selling point.

Ah, dot matrix printers. There was just something hypnotic about watching them work. And that sound… Way more fun that today’s boring old laser printers. (I think my computer still misses our old one.)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this small collection of cartoons about computers. Head on over to the main site if you’d like to see more of my computer cartoons.

Free Cartoon Day – Tech

free cartoon day

Hooray! It’s Free Cartoon Day! And this week the cartoon is a tech cartoon:

free tech cartoon

So, how do you get the cartoon? Easy! Just click on the cartoon, or click here, to go to the large image of the cartoon. Do that right click "Save as…" thingy and you’re good to go!

Remember though, this is only free today. Tomorrow the links above won’t work. But don’t worry, the cartoon will be available at Andertoons at standard pricing right away.

See you next Friday for another free cartoon!

UPDATE – Sorry, this cartoon is no longer available for free, but it is available for purchase by clicking here.  And feel free to check out all of my other tech cartoons here.

Cartoon Navigation – The Big Easy

Andertoons is launching a cool new feature today to help visitors more easily browse cartoons without giving their browser’s back button a workout.

Now when you mouse over a thumbnail on a search results page, you’ll see a larger version of the cartoon appear:



Here’s a closer look :


There’s also info on the cartoon at the bottom.

As long as your mouse stays over a thumbnail, the larger cartoon image hangs around. Click on the thumbnail to purchase the cartoon or find out more about it.

The new feature also works on topic pages and in the suggested cartoons on each cartoons individual page:



It’s been testing well in most browsers, except for IE6. We’re looking into a workaround for that one, but it’s likely the feature won’t be supported if you continue insisting it’s 2001.


Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if you run into any bugs.