Teacher Cartoons For Back To School

It’s coming. Soon schools will be humming again, so to get everyone in the mood I thought I’d share some more teacher cartoons!

It took a bit to find just the right font for this teacher’s bulletin board, but it was worth it.

I wrote this cartoon while doing some book surfing at Amazon.

What I like most about this is only three words, “Ninja-bots from Mars,” you get your ninjas, your robots, and invaders from another planet. Concise!

School nurses don’t get the appreciation they should. Especially the one at my 9-year-old hypochondriac’s school.

Apple pie maybe? Mmmm…

That kid might just be onto something.

In fact if it’s not a major motion picture I’d trust it even a bit more.

Teachers and Apple humor for the win!

I’m betting somewhere this is actually happening.

I once got ahold of a teacher edition for a class. It was entirely disappointing.

Inspired by my wife’s classroom helpers bulletin board.

This conference doesn’t go anywhere good after this.

Honestly I’d like to see that work. I bet it’s awesome.

I’m glad I went to college before you had to really put in any effort. Whew!

This is a pretty inside baseball sort of teacher cartoon. Learn more here.

My wife likes this teacher cartoon too.

True, but the four-letter ones are still the best.

Another one my wife likes.

A pumpkin turkey surrounded by colored eggs, snowflakes, hearts, and clovers is way fun to draw.

Good for him!

Still, maybe if he… um… uh…  I got nothin’.

Sometime soon some parent will complain about this exact thing.

That actuallyl kind of sweet.

I never understood school spirit. I still don’t.

That’s how they getcha!

This kid has a real future in politics.

I really had to research this to make sure it was right. It’s not a funny cartoon unless it’s all correct.

If I were a teacher I would totally try that.

I’m sure somewhere someone is already beginning to market a fix for this.

The old Rule of Threes never lets you down.

He’s on to you! Run!

Well, that’s it for this collection of my teacher cartoons. Hope it put you in a good mood for another school year!

School Cartoons

Wow, the summer is really winding down quickly. And while I’m trying to cram as much relaxation in as possible before the new school year begins, like most families we’re also busily stockpiling pencils, notebooks & glue sticks.

So to ease us in more gently, here’s a few fun school cartoons:

I had a lot of fun imagining what a philosophy student might look like for this cartoon. Plaid shirt, long hair, scruffy stubble..  And the professor has the requisite elbow patches. But now that I look at it the office could be a lot messier, and someone definitely needs some glasses. To paraphrase what someone once said about writing (I think…), you never so much finish a cartoon as you do abandon it.

This is probably one of my most popular school cartoons. I like the joke, and the art turned out fine, but what ended up being the hard part of this was coming up with a simple sentence for the joke to hinge on. My wife was an English minor and I ran tons of possibilities past her until we hit on this one.

It took me years and years and years before I finally figured out how to draw a dog’s back legs correctly. Sure, it look simple, but it never really clicked for me until this year. Funny how that works sometimes.

OK, this is a bit of a nerdy tech joke about people hating, and I mean deeply hating, Comic Sans. For years I saw it as a pleasant enough font, but now even I have to admit that it’s pretty lame.

This also came out of examining my son’s handwriting, which apparently they don’t teach anymore in school. As someone who worked consciously for years on writing not just legibly but kind of artistically, I’m a little disappointed that this basic skill is being put on the back burner. Sigh…

OK, well that’s it for this little sampling. Feel free to check out all of my school cartoons here!

Teacher Cartoons

You know it’s not too much longer and summer’s going to be over and parents everywhere will alternately cry and dance for joy as their kids head back to school.

It’s especially dramatic at my house because my wife is a teacher. So one day the house is filled with family, and the next it’s crickets chirping.

Anyway, with school just over the horizon I thought I’d share some of my favorite teacher cartoons! Enjoy:

I don’t know exactly how apples apparently became the preferred bribe for educators everywhere, but I’m betting that they’ve lost their luster. BTW, for those students of my wife, here’s a hint: forget the coffee and go the chocolate route. Works like a charm!

I remember meeting with my kids preschool teachers a ways back and examining their scissors skills. I had no idea there even was such a thing! I’ve heard my wife discuss fine and gross motor skills, but I had no idea that I’d be looking closely at partially hacked construction paper with other adults and creating a cutting improvement strategy.

Anyway, I’m also a bit of a tech nerd, so this cartoon wasn’t far behind.

I know for a fact that this cartoon is very popular with teachers, but none of them will ever admit it.

Again with the apples! To be fair this cartoon isn’t really a stretch to get to, but I did put a lot of thought into the look of the classroom. (This is where having a teacher for a wife really comes in handy!) There’s the alphabet strip above the whiteboard, the curvy corrugated border on the bulletin board, the calendar… None of which are strictly necessary, and I normally try to imply backgrounds more, but it was too much fun to resist.

Well, there you go. Just a few quick examples of my teacher cartoons. If you’d like to see more, feel free to click here and browse to your heart’s content.

Bonus! Here’s q short video of teacher cartoons I did a while back: