Teacher Cartoons For Back To School

It’s coming. Soon schools will be humming again, so to get everyone in the mood I thought I’d share some more teacher cartoons!

It took a bit to find just the right font for this teacher’s bulletin board, but it was worth it.

I wrote this cartoon while doing some book surfing at Amazon.

What I like most about this is only three words, “Ninja-bots from Mars,” you get your ninjas, your robots, and invaders from another planet. Concise!

School nurses don’t get the appreciation they should. Especially the one at my 9-year-old hypochondriac’s school.

Apple pie maybe? Mmmm…

That kid might just be onto something.

In fact if it’s not a major motion picture I’d trust it even a bit more.

Teachers and Apple humor for the win!

I’m betting somewhere this is actually happening.

I once got ahold of a teacher edition for a class. It was entirely disappointing.

Inspired by my wife’s classroom helpers bulletin board.

This conference doesn’t go anywhere good after this.

Honestly I’d like to see that work. I bet it’s awesome.

I’m glad I went to college before you had to really put in any effort. Whew!

This is a pretty inside baseball sort of teacher cartoon. Learn more here.

My wife likes this teacher cartoon too.

True, but the four-letter ones are still the best.

Another one my wife likes.

A pumpkin turkey surrounded by colored eggs, snowflakes, hearts, and clovers is way fun to draw.

Good for him!

Still, maybe if he… um… uh…  I got nothin’.

Sometime soon some parent will complain about this exact thing.

That actuallyl kind of sweet.

I never understood school spirit. I still don’t.

That’s how they getcha!

This kid has a real future in politics.

I really had to research this to make sure it was right. It’s not a funny cartoon unless it’s all correct.

If I were a teacher I would totally try that.

I’m sure somewhere someone is already beginning to market a fix for this.

The old Rule of Threes never lets you down.

He’s on to you! Run!

Well, that’s it for this collection of my teacher cartoons. Hope it put you in a good mood for another school year!