Custom Cartoons – New Pages

Custom cartoons are a not insubstantial part of my cartooning business, so I’m always looking for ways to better explain the features and benefits of a custom cartoon, how the process works, and, of course, better my exposure.

So I’ve just made some changes to my custom cartoons section that I hope will do just that!

Custom Cartoons – Introduction

custom cartoon 1

This page has stayed more or less the same, but I’ve added some clearer navigation at the top, and removed the old dropdown menu from the site’s main nav bar.

Custom Cartoons – Gallery

custom cartoon 2

The old gallery page had only a couple of smallish samples, but this new page has a nice slideshow you can browse to see more examples in less space.

I’ve also added some quotes from previous clients, and a form to contact me directly from this page.

It should makes things much clearer, easier, and more fun.

Custom Cartoons – How It Works

custom cartoon 3

I went back and forth and back and forth on how best to illustrate how a custom cartoon is created, but in the end the clearest solution was a short video showing the process from beginning to end.

Again, contacting me for a quote is easy and readily available.

Custom Cartoons – Pricing

custom cartoon 4

Like the intro page, the pricing page didn’t change much either. But everything you need is there to plan your budget and drop me a line.

So there they are, the new pages on the block. Hope you enjoy them, and if you’re interested in a custom cartoon, drop me a line!

Catwoman by Darwyn Cooke

You might remember back in January I did a series of blogs featuring the FF’s Sue Storm (AKA Invisible Woman) as interpreted by different artists.

Well, I’m going to do something similar for June, except we’re moving from good girl to no-so-good girl, and from Marvel to DC to feature another personal favorite, Catwoman.

Today’s art is from Darwyn Cooke:

darwyn cooke catwoman

It was hard to pick just one, so here’s a few extra:

darwyn cooke catwoman 2

darwyn cooke catwoman 3

My goodness! I’d give an awful lot to be able to draw like Cooke. WOW!

Make sure you come back next Thursday for more Catwoman! PRRRR!