Catwoman by Darwyn Cooke

You might remember back in January I did a series of blogs featuring the FF’s Sue Storm (AKA Invisible Woman) as interpreted by different artists.

Well, I’m going to do something similar for June, except we’re moving from good girl to no-so-good girl, and from Marvel to DC to feature another personal favorite, Catwoman.

Today’s art is from Darwyn Cooke:

darwyn cooke catwoman

It was hard to pick just one, so here’s a few extra:

darwyn cooke catwoman 2

darwyn cooke catwoman 3

My goodness! I’d give an awful lot to be able to draw like Cooke. WOW!

Make sure you come back next Thursday for more Catwoman! PRRRR!

Sue Storm by Darwyn Cooke

Well, this is it. The end of January’s Sue Storm Thursdays. And I can’t think of a better way to end it than with this:

darwyn cooke sue storm

Come on, just look at how great this is!

First off, choosing a sunny yellow instead of a traditional blue is great. Dressing her in jeans and a FF t-shirt? Even better. But for me, and I wish I could say why, but for me the hair is the best part here. Sigh…

And just to recap, here’s the other Sue pics from earlier in the month:

adam hughes sue storm

Adam Hughes

bruce timm sue storm

Bruce Timm

j scott campbell sue storm

J Scott Campbell