Sue Storm by Darwyn Cooke

Well, this is it. The end of January’s Sue Storm Thursdays. And I can’t think of a better way to end it than with this:

darwyn cooke sue storm

Come on, just look at how great this is!

First off, choosing a sunny yellow instead of a traditional blue is great. Dressing her in jeans and a FF t-shirt? Even better. But for me, and I wish I could say why, but for me the hair is the best part here. Sigh…

And just to recap, here’s the other Sue pics from earlier in the month:

adam hughes sue storm

Adam Hughes

bruce timm sue storm

Bruce Timm

j scott campbell sue storm

J Scott Campbell

Sue Storm by Bruce Timm

This week’s Sue Storm is by one of my all-time favorite comics artists, Bruce Timm:

bruce timm sue storm

This has a real retro feel to me with that classic Marvel hairdo that I just adore. Not to mention the perfect wrinkles in the clothing, the great sense of feminine motion, and the hint of invisibility at the bottom.

Bruce Timm can do no wrong in my book.

See ya next week for J. Scott Campbell’s Sue!

Sue Storm by Adam Hughes

When I’m surfing online I’m always on the lookout for blog fodder.  And when I find something interesting I toss it in one of a bunch of folders on my desktop.

Recently when I was cleaning out the Comics/Pinups folder, I noticed a bunch of images of Sue Storm (AKA the Invisible Woman), so I thought that this month, once a week, I’d post a different artist’s rendition of (apparently) one of my favorite comics characters.

Today is Adam Hughes:

adam hughes sue storm

What I love about this is how painterly it is. And for as still as the subject is, you can see and feel the sure-handedness and speed of its creation.

Tune in next Thursday for Bruce Timm’s Sue Storm!