Brandtellingâ„¢ Cartoon

Yesterday I finished up a custom cartoon for Arthur Germain and his Brandtelling strategy:

Brandtelling uses a series of brand stories to make your brand relevant to your target market or audience. These can be stories about the company, its products and innovations or its people. Brandtelling is built on the foundation of connecting people through a story that is relevant, real and repeatable.

After our conversations it makes all kinds of sense to me, and I spent about 20 pre-coffee minutes this morning trying to expand on the above, but Arthur’s gonna explain this a lot better at his blog.

Where I come into the picture is a cartoon I completed for him yesterday about Brandtelling:

Brandtelling Cartoon

Arthur will be using the cartoon in a number of ways, and I’m so glad he’s as pleased with the end result as I am.  (Read his take on it here.)

If you’re looking for a clever and entertaining way to get something across, try some Brandtelling in a custom cartoon!

(See how I summed it all up there?  Not bad before coffee, huh?)

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  1. Mark — Here's a weird coincidence … I was just reading an article yesterday about Tom Wilson, Jr. who now oversees the Ziggy empire. It happens that much of his non-Ziggy work is focused on these type branding activities. You should send him some samples when you're all done. If you Google Ziggy and Friends Inc., it's a Cleveland address

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