Hulu X2 (Woo-Hoo!)

I’ve been impressed with Hulu thus far, and now that’s it’s out of beta I’m even more impressed.

Lots of content, fairly reasonable ad requirements, beautiful presentation… If I didn’t know better I’d say Apple had its hand in it.

Check out Magneto’s x-cape:

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1 thought on “Hulu X2 (Woo-Hoo!)”

  1. There's a good tech piece in this month's Atlantic Monthly about a guy who got rid of his TV (and his cable TV bill) and just put up a monitor & CPU, and he, and his family, watch all their media online. Heck, there's so many shows out there — not to mention YouTube, LiveMotion, etc. — why not troll the Web for your entertainment? Right now, you can head over to my blog and watch a couple of Gene Roddeneberry's failed 1970s non-TREK pilots, if you like the sort of thing!

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