Spot the Innovation

Image MaxiCartoon compatriot Mark Heath is trying something really interesting over at Fundable. (I was gonna say he’s putting the “fun” in “fundable,” but that would be lame.)

Here’s the deal:

I draw Spot the Frog, a syndicated comic strip. You can find samples at my site and The first Spot the Frog collection will soon go out of print and I’d like to give it a second life by offering it as a daily email. The book strips are black and white, but I’ll be coloring them to celebrate their tour through your IN box. I’ll also be writing a new introduction, and adding some strips that didn’t fit in the book. And when something strikes me, I’ll add a few thoughts to certain strips; their inspiration, secret meaning, or why I liked them.

Before I begin this project, I’d like to know how many readers are interested in subscribing.

Remember: fundable will take your pledge, but they won’t charge your credit card until the goal is reached. If we fall short, you’ll owe nothing, and I’ll have more free time to entertain Willy, the office poodle.

I don’t think a cartoon collection has ever been offered this way, so I’m feeling very Lewis and Clark about this, minus the bickering.

Neat huh? So you pledge some money, and if it all works out, Mark gets to work, and you get your daily newly fully-colored Spot email with occasional bonus content!

I’ve put my Paypal where my click is (money and mouths are soooo 20th century), you should too!

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