Book Update


I’ve gotten my ISBN, my Library of Congress control number, and my bar code all put on and in the book now.

I also threw in some page numbers! (Oops! Forgot all about that last time!)

Now I’m just waiting for my preview copy to arrive. I’ll letcha know once its available, but it should be soon! Woo-hoo!

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New Anderithm

Some subtle changes to the Andertoons homepage recently.

The same cartoons were becoming cemented under Highest Rated and Most Viewed. And, subsequently, those were being rated and viewed more. It was an ugly circle.

So we made some changes to the algorithm so a greater number of cartoons could get their chance in the homepage sun. We also added a few more choices under most viewed.

Here’s a look:


And then here’s another look after a refresh:


See the difference?

It was as much for me as anything. I just couldn’t take seeing that damn Frankenstein cartoon there every morning!

Hope ya like it!

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