I’m kinda really excited about the book coming out, and, assuming it does modestly well, I’m looking at doing a few more this year.

And lately I’ve been thinking about marketing Andertoons a bit more.  I’ve tried some advertising, I’m doing the monthly newsletter (and let’s not forget the blog), but the books open up another possibility – conventions.

After some searching I ran across, and while there a lot there that wouldn’t fit Andertoons well, there’s a few that look interesting:

  • MoCCA – No chance for this year, but maybe 2009.
  • SPX – Another really good opportunity, and it looks like I could register for this year.
  • SPACE – Close to home, but it doesn’t look as well organized or presented.  Another for 2009 maybe.
  • APE – Another possibility for this year, but it looks pretty comic booky.

I’ve only been to Wizard World here in Chicago once, and I wasn’t really paying close attention to the artist alley, so I have no idea if any of these would be worth it.

I think what I’m looking for is to:

  1. Sell a few books
  2. Create some new fans
  3. Get some publisher attention

So whatcha think?  Does this make any sense?  Or am I just looking for a way to justify a few days out of the house?

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