Chicago Tribune Changing Sunday Comics to Tabloid Format

So I reading about the last season of BSG last Sunday, and I notice this on the inside cover of the Trib’s TV Week:

Starting next Sunday, TV Week is becoming The Guide to TV and the Internet, with fresher TV listings, more channel listings and more color. And tucked inside The Guide will be your favorite color comics in an easier-to-scan tabloid format. Plus you’ll get our experts’ and readers’ advice about the best sites on the internet, including those on and elsewhere.

Here are the details:

In our more up-to-date listings grids, you’ll find nine new cable channels, plus color coding that will instantly guide you to movies, sports, news/talk, and our Best Bets.

In Comics, which will be a pullout section inside The Guide, Chicago’s best comics and puzzles – now including the popular TV jumble – will be easier to hold ad share among the entire family.

Each week in our guide to the internet, we will cut through the jungle of millions of sites to the best ones as determined by Tribune experts and readers like you. Each week, we’ll offer different topics for time-saving surfing.

Look for it next Sunday in the same spot you’ve been finding TV Week.

From the look of the graphic, it looks like The Guide is gonna be sized like Parade or the Trib’s weekly local news mag.

Interesting huh? I’ll post some pics next week of the new comics section.

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10 thoughts on “Chicago Tribune Changing Sunday Comics to Tabloid Format”

  1. heh. i work at the company that is putting together this new tabloid page. In fact, the guy putting it together is one my buddies. He's very good at details. Oh, he's also the one coloring the TV Jumble.

    Heh, i just HAD to brag about all that.

  2. mark —
    just out of curiosity … can you post a pic of the Trib section when it comes out? I'm intrigued by your "gonna be sized like Parade" comment because I pitched USA Weekend several years ago about creating magazine the same size as ours that would basically be a second section of comics newspapers could include as a bonus.

  3. I'll try to remember to do that Casey. I remember you mentioning that a while back. Looks like the Trib has you bugged or something…

  4. I'm curious to see what the new Tribune comics section looks like. I hope we get to look at all the pages. One thing I'm interested in is what they're going to do with "Non Sequitur" since that comic has to be in a vertical format.

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