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One of the things I’ve been busy with lately is a totally revamped checkout process over at everyone’s favorite cartoon website.

The old system certainly worked fine, but there were lots of little improvements to be made to make the process easier and clearer, (BTW, I’d compare screenshots of old vs. new, but my programmer actually got things done so quickly I didn’t have time to get any of the old system. Hard to complain.)

OK, so here’s the cartoon itself:


After clicking the GIANT RED ADD TO CART BUTTON (still one of my favorite Photoshop projects) you go here:


MUCH clearer than the old cart page. And a BIG GREEN CHECK OUT NOW BUTTON now instead of the little gray one I used to use.


Above is probably the biggest change. At log in you now have the option of not creating an account at all. Yep, directly to the right of the log in button, there’s a link to “continue without an account.”

I mean, let’s face it, the majority of folks coming to the site are most likely buying one or two cartoons for a powerpoint and their out of there. Why annoy them with a whole account creation process?!


More big text and another big green button. There’s no missing them anymore.


And you’re done! Hooray!

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3 thoughts on “Check Out The New Checkout”

  1. I admire you and Ted Goff. That probably understates it. You've staked a claim on the internet with large industrial housing, while many of us are just pitching tents that blow away in the wind.

    The people who built your site clearly have a notion of what it takes to present cartoons; either that or you beat the knowledge into them.

    I'm jealous, awestruck, and wondering how long it would take for you to notice that I've duped the code from your site and simply replaced your cartoons with my own.

    (did I write that aloud?)

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