Cartoon Career Cruising

So after having the photographer out yesterday from, I thought I’d dig into their site a bit and see if cartooning was indeed the right job for me.

I answered somewhere between 75 and 100 questions and (drum roll please) …


Yep! It works! Pretty well, really. I’d say it nailed me fairly quickly.

Here are the factors that apparently mattered the most:


After reading through the job description, earnings and working condition portions of the site, I’d say they have good realistic info on cartooning as a career as well.

Boy, this stuff’s come a long way from when I was in high school.

I remember filling in little dots and having them calculated some weeks later into a list of careers that might suit me. Tops on that list? Dancer and garbage man.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Career Cruising”

  1. When I was halfway through college I took one of those long aptitude/vocational tests. I scored high on the creative side (I was a trumpet performance major at the time and loved to draw and write, eventually switching to journalism). I also value organization and systems and schedules, so I scored high on whatever the test-makers considered to be on the opposite spectrum of creative (because surely all creative types must be disorganized and irresponsible!) The guidance counselor had a little book that gave occupation suggestions based on the test-taker's particular results combinations. For many of the more typical combos, there were dozens of occupations listed. For mine, there was one: fur designer. The counselor looked embarrassed when he saw this. "Well," he shrugged, "these things aren't always accurate." That was one wasted Thursday morning!

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