Cartoon Career Cruising

So after having the photographer out yesterday from, I thought I’d dig into their site a bit and see if cartooning was indeed the right job for me.

I answered somewhere between 75 and 100 questions and (drum roll please) …


Yep! It works! Pretty well, really. I’d say it nailed me fairly quickly.

Here are the factors that apparently mattered the most:


After reading through the job description, earnings and working condition portions of the site, I’d say they have good realistic info on cartooning as a career as well.

Boy, this stuff’s come a long way from when I was in high school.

I remember filling in little dots and having them calculated some weeks later into a list of careers that might suit me. Tops on that list? Dancer and garbage man.

Take THIS Old High School Guidance Counselor!

Got this email recently:

Hi Mr. Anderson, i am a local photojournalist looking to take pictures of a Cartoonist doing his job for an educational career guide called Career Cruising. if possible, i’d welcome the opportunity to take photos of you at work for this great educational tool. please contact me at your convenience.

Neat, huh?

The photographer came over this afternoon and took a slew of pics of me inking, coloring, pretending to talk on the phone, and thinking of ideas. (Lemme tell you, that last one’s a stunner!)

She asked a lot of questions, and the experience, albeit a little embarrassing, was interesting. The photographer was very complimentary about my work, and really sweet around the kids.

I was told a few times, very earnestly, that I have the coolest job in the world. And I gotta say, it’d be difficult to disagree.

Anyway, at the end I took a pic of her taking a pic of me just for fun.

Img 2920

We traded looks at each other’s digital pics and said good day.

Word is my pics will be up on their site within a few months. I’ll letcha know…

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