Andertoons 2.0 – Highlighted Search

OK, sorry for yesterday’s lack of Andertoons blogginess. AT&T seems to have things working this morning, but also called to tell me that my DSL may go back down. GRRR…


Another really fun new feature over at Andertoons, is something my programmer just sort of came up with on his own. Check out the cartoons below:

Highlighted Search

These came up in a search for the word “red.” True, neither cartoon is about the color, but at least you get to see why they came up in the search results.

See it? Look at the first cartoon’s caption – “Don’t think of it as being fired…” The “red” in “fired” is a different color and bolded.

Now this doesn’t always work. If a cartoons has “red” somewhere in the tags, it won’t show up here because I

m not showing tags on the search pages.

Still, it’s one of those little things I’d have never thought of, and one more great little detail that hopefully makes Andertoons more fun and useful.

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