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Yep, more folks hate my Magoo review:

Mr. MGoo’s Christmas Carol is possibly my favorite Christmas special. The music is wonderful. It is short and comedic but takes the story seriously. No, it is not a Duck Soup comedy but what is? And why would one want to ruin the depth that was in the original short story?

I do love the Alistair Simms’ 1951 version but I love this in a differing manner. I am sorry that someone who has the same last name as myself does not like this work of art but do not assume his personal tastes are yours. This is a wonderful interpretation of The Christmas Carol.

I bought the DVD last year and cannot wait to watch it again this year. I would also believe that this would make a wonderful introduction to the story for young children. Yet I am an adult of almost 56 and I still love it. I cannot wait to have grandchildren and introduce them to it.

He actually laments sharing my last name. He wrote back again:

My wife and I just watched it again. It is true that the art work is simple but so it Charlie Christmas. But beyond that it is wonderful. The music was written by the team that wrote “Funny Girl.” I particularly like the humorous ones such as the Razzleberry Dressing one, the one that the undertaker , the maid etc sing. But the song that is first sung by the young Ebineezer is very touching. The weakest song is the one that Belle sings. It is too smaltzy. But I still love this very much. I also like that it appears that Gerald McBoingBoing made his first serious appearance in the part as Tiny Tim. That is nastalgia but I loved Gerald!

Wait a minute…

The weakest song is the one that Belle sings. It is too smaltzy.


How DARE you sir!

Here’s another:

I guess my only comment would be: why review this program in the first place? It’s been around since the early 1960’s, has had hundreds of TV airings, sold thousands upon thousands of DVD’s (it’s actually in it’s THIRD pressing!). The show is beloved by millions and has a cast of legendary voices not to mention boasting a score by TWO broadway legends. But in 2004, a cartoonist decides to write a smarmy review hurling brickbats at a classic. The show has proven itself and you should find somthing better to do with your time.

I’m gonna crawl into a bottle of egg nog and just cry myself to sleep…

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