Andertoons Stripping

LavanewsRan across while perusing something the kids like to call “the internet.”

It lets you make your own comics with clip art. It’s no Get Your War On, and the options are kinda limited, but I have to admit I spent more time here than I’d care to say.

Wanna see what happens next?

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11 thoughts on “Andertoons Stripping”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA… the last two (last one from Mike and the "one more" from Andertoons) were hilarious. It's such a simple, hokey website… but fun!

  2. I tried to join and then didn't send the password. I just did it again and I'm waiting for it this time. I made a comic just playing around before and "something happened and your comic was lost"… cause I didn't have a login name. Nothing important… it was throwaway… but I'll post one soon (=

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