School Cartoon in Commonweal

Hey, just a heads up that I was in the October 20th issue of Commonweal!

Here’s the cartoon:


This is a really really early cartoon of mine. In fact, in my inventory numbering system, it’s number four. Yeesh!

Just for fun, here’s a similar, more recent, cartoon in both caption and art to compare:


In the first you can see that I used a ruler for the chalkboard. Anymore I don’t really worry about straight. I like the character of my slightly askew and wiggly lines much better. Plus it’s a heck of a lot faster!

Also, in the first you can see the chalkboard was blackened entirely by hand. Not in the more recent – that’s all Photoshop CS2!

The writing on the first board? White pencil. The second? Reversed in Photoshop.

I’m not sure when I gave up on the Charlie Chaplin splayed feet, as seen in #1. But I think you’ll agree that #2 looks a lot more natural.

There’s more to critique, I’m sure, but I think I can sum it with this – I’ve come a long way, baby!

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Cartoon Cars

So last week my wife’s car decided it’d had enough. But money pit though it had become, I’m kinda gonna miss our old ’99 Olds Intrigue.

I’ve said before that I hate drawing cars. There’s something about the lines and the angles that, if not done properly, really stick out as amateurish in the final product.

The Olds was a good one for reference because it was just sort of an everyday nothing special kind of car:


See? Honestly, unless I told you it was an Olds, it could be pretty much anything.

Here’s one of the cartoons in which I used it for reference.

Here’s the new car:


It’s an ’07 Honda Civic. Still pretty nondescript. I’ll lethca know when it makes its way into its first cartoon.

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Huzzah, hooray, and… um… huzzah. Again. (ahem…)

Anyway, a big BIG thanks to my dedicated web guys who worked all weekend to get everyone’s favorite cartoon website back up and running!

Also, a gigantic thanks to everyone out there who uses the daily cartoons, RSS feeds, cartoon emails and whatnot… I’ve gotten a ton of supportive and encouraging emails! Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

Word is we’ve moved to a much more robust server/host that should alleviate problems like this in the future. I’ll give you more details as I get them.

There are a few little bugs with the site:

  1. My email is still in limbo, so if you need to get ahold of me, check this post out
  2. Although the shopping portion of the site is secure, there’s some SSL cert issues to iron out. No biggie.
  3. A few thumbnail/larger image issues. Honestly, I’d doubt you’ll notice them.

That’s about it though.

So, I’m gonna take some more time and really go over the site with a fine toothed HTML comb, and I’d appreciate if anyone out there sees any glaring errors or issues to let me know.

Whew… It’s good to be back…

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More on the Hack

Hack-1My site was taken down by my intrepid web guys pretty quickly, so I never really got to see who’d hacked me. I had Mike Lynch take a look, but apparently he was then directed to some strange download and quickly closed his browser and made sure his computer was virus free.

But, thanks to Google’s cache, I was able to get a screenshot of the rotten bastard who had nothing better to do than screw with a happy little cartoon site.

Anyone tell me what this says?

(Click on the thumbnail to get the full sized JPEG. Don’t worry, it’s not a link to my site or anything.)

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