More on the Hack

Hack-1My site was taken down by my intrepid web guys pretty quickly, so I never really got to see who’d hacked me. I had Mike Lynch take a look, but apparently he was then directed to some strange download and quickly closed his browser and made sure his computer was virus free.

But, thanks to Google’s cache, I was able to get a screenshot of the rotten bastard who had nothing better to do than screw with a happy little cartoon site.

Anyone tell me what this says?

(Click on the thumbnail to get the full sized JPEG. Don’t worry, it’s not a link to my site or anything.)

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4 thoughts on “More on the Hack”

  1. Duh–I'm a little slow today. I just clicked on the link you have above and realized it's the same "security pro news" link I pasted.

    Also, I just realized your site isn't up and running yet.

    So never mind.

    Hope you get things back online soon. And now, I think it's time for some caffeiene…

  2. Hi Angie!

    Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you… You can't even imagine my weekend…


    Thanks for looking into that for me! Yeah, this guy's just into defacing for the fun of it. Bastard!

    Also, the site is back up! Hooray!

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