“Your Dependable Hollywood Quote Whore”


I ran across a fun movie review site the other day which describes itself thusly:

We at The Weekly Blurb believe that every film, no matter how good or bad, deserves a blurb – a nice, punchy, positive bit of praise that can be pulled out here and pasted in your movie’s advertising.

Why do they do this?

We don’t know. Maybe it’s some desperate need for attention, a strange cumpulsion to see our words in print. We’re not sure. We’re trying to figure it out. All we know is that if you have a movie, we want to be Your Dependable Hollywood Quote Whore.

I loved their review of Disney’s The Wild (which garnered 7-1/4 stars BTW). Here’s a taste:

The Wild is the debut film for director Steve “Spaz” Williams; and folks, it’s just the kind of comedy you’d expect from a guy named “Spaz!” A madcap assortment of crazy cut-ups live in New York City, and boy, is it ever a zoo-because they’re animals! Can you imagine? Keifer Sutherland shines as Samson the Lion, leader of a zany pack of animal kingdom wiseacres. Soon enough they must brave the big city and the jungle to rescue one of their friends who’s been shipped off to the wild. It’s a hilarious new twist on last year’s increda-hit Madagascar, and there’s even a bunch of zany penguins! Everyone knows you just can’t have a funny animal-ation movie without penguins!

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1 thought on ““Your Dependable Hollywood Quote Whore””

  1. Ugh. Didn't Sony get into hot water because they made up a guy whose quotes appeared in their ads? It was like a Jeff Gannon kinda thing.

    Are you ready to see the feel good movie of 9/11: FLIGHT 93?!?!

    Not me.

    I took my cat to the vet this morning. That's enough drama for me ….

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