My Studio 90 Days Later

About three months ago I blogged about my new office in the Anderson compound.

Some other cartoonists both here at our favorite cartoon blog, and on various cartoon bulletin boards, admired the new digs, but suggested that my cleanliness wouldn’t last. Some even suggested that without some messiness they had no idea how I got anything done.

So, here we are 90 days later, and I decided to just take a few pics without doing any cleaning, straightening, etc… to see how things were going:


Pretty standard for my work area. I made my top drawer on the table under the TV my pen/marker drawer so I can clean up with just a swipe of my hand. I tried to take a good picture of the drawing board’s surface to show some of the marks from marker bleedthrough, but to no avail. (BTW, that’s some “Battlestar Galactica” playing…)


Some clutter, especially in the ol’ “In” basket on the far right, but pretty clean for the most part. There’s some new additions to the top shelf: a Duplo fire helicopter and some Play-Doh for my son for when we bring the baby home. Yesterday there were some boxes with old printer cartridges hanging around, but those found their way to a UPS box this morning.


Some more additions to the other shelves on the other side of the room. We sorta ran out of shelves in the family room. Also, I just got the new iPod Hi-Fi, so my old speakers are waiting to be ebayed. Otherwise, except for the addition of a dozen or so new books, this area is still relatively organized too.


Some boxes have taken up residence over by the shredder.



The closet’s a tad messier, but I can just close the door.

So, all in all, not bad! A far cry from some of the dank predictions most of the more slovenly in my profession predicted.

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