“Rhymes with Orange” Needs Your Vote!

If you live in Cleveland, Ohio, “Rhymes with Orange” needs your help!

Hilary Price’s wonderful strip is in jeopardy with The Cleveland Plain Dealer. It appears the paper is considering dropping “Rhymes with Orange” for another strip.

In the spirit of this evening’s debate, let me put it this way… I know “Rhymes with Orange.” “Rhymes with Orange” is a friend of mine. And you, other strip, are no “Rhymes with Orange.”

So, Cleveland, if you do rock, as “The Drew Carey Show” theme suggests, please vote for “Rhymes with Orange!”

Here’s how from Hilary Price herself:

For Folks with Friends, Family and Associates in Ohio

If you know someone in Ohio, there’s a chance that someone will know a Clevelander, and it’s a Clevelander that we need…

The Lowdown:

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is doing a two-week phone-in survey between Rhymes with Orange and The Meaning of Lila.

The poll began Sept. 27 and runs through Monday, October 11th.

The Meaning of Lila is taking Rhymes with Orange’s slot in the paper for a two week test-run during this survey. People from the Cleveland area are being asked to phone in their preference.

HERE’S WHERE IT GETS UGLY– ALL FOUR of the people working on the Lila strip are from the Cleveland area. The poll is between just the two strips, not all the strips on the page. That means that lots of folks who know the creators will be calling in.

So if, and ONLY IF, you live in the Cleveland area:

Call this number to vote for RWO: 216-999-4733.

I do not have the number to vote for the other strip, but it is available on the Plain Dealer comics page.

If you are NOT lucky enough to reside in the Cleveland area:

Help out by alerting your friends/family/associates in Ohio of this lousy poll. There’s a good chance they’ll know folks in Cleveland.

Again, the deadline for voting is Oct. 11, 2004.

Thanks all!!

BTW, tune in Monday to Inside the Cartoonist’s Studio for Hilary’s answers!

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