Political Andertoons

I didn’t want to get into politics here at our favorite cartoon website, but it seems at least one of my cartoons is out campaigning for W.

This cartoon ended up on a conservative website forum (look about 10 or so posts down, you can’t miss it).

I wasn’t even sure my cartoons knew about the election! (Although I did have CNN.com open the other day while I was uploading some new stuff…)

Anyway, here are some political cartoons you might enjoy:

I think this one rings true for all politicians!

I like this one because I put my name in the posters. Anderson is a pretty generic name, so I like to use it when I can. And those flags look nifty in the posters too!

And this is one that sat on my bulletin board for a few months until I worked out the wording. I heard a talking news head say this once and realized how many times I’d actually heard it and how little it actually meant.

For the record, please don’t use my cartoons without permission. My prices are very reasonable, and you don’t have to look at that icky watermark. I’ll be keeping quiet as to my political beliefs here on the blog, and I’d appreciate if my cartoons would do the same.