Andertoons Podcast Opening

Since last week was mostly “how sick is Mark?” updates, and, let’s face it, my blogging hasn’t exactly been stellar lately, I thought I really owed everyone a good one this time around.

I’ve been considering doing a weekly podcast as of late, and I thought it would probably need some sort of opening sequence. Enjoy:

It’s rather heavily inspired by the old “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” opening.

The music is all original; well, as original as you can get via Garage Band. The rest was all done in iMovie.

Still no idea whether or not I’ll commit to the podcast, but it was fun to stretch some other creative muscles for a bit.

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Andertoons Cartoon Podcast – Whatcha Want?

A few recent videos I’ve posted via YouTube have seemed pretty popular, so I’m considering doing an occasional video podcast, maybe weekly.

It seems to me that just watching me draw cartoons over and over each week would get boring quickly, so I’m asking you, loyal readers, what would you like to see?

More focus on specific parts of the process (inking, shading, etc…)? A tour of cartoons that no one gets? Follow a custom cartoon from client request to final product? All of the above?

Lemme know! And if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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